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Kory Wilson


Kory Wilson

Insurance Broker

Kory Wilson doesn’t let grass grow under his feet. Right after graduating from Utah’s Weber State University with a background in economics and finance, Wilson started his own business.

A techno wiz who has been building computers for fun and profit since his college days, Kory
is unflappable and unruffled by day to day business challenges. “Kory Wilson is always calm, even when the pressure is up.”

Despite his apparent youth, one of Wilson’s proudest accomplishments has been to build
an impressive business network of trusted professional colleagues. And it is through this network that Wilson is able to expand his contacts in an exponential way.

Kory intuitively understands the world of insurance and uses his knowledge to help businesses become more profitable and give business owners greater peace-of-mind.

A weight-lifter, stock market investor, golfer and digital game aficionado, Wilson is a modern day renaissance man with a diverse range of interests and talents. His family is close. His mother is his best friend and his brother and step-father are both U.S. Air Force veterans.

Kory Wilson’s philosophy of life can be summed up in a quote from famed Japanese philosopher Miyamoto Musachi: “Study strategy over the years and achieve the spirit of the warrior.
Today is victory over yourself of yesterday.
Tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.
You must understand that there is more than
one path to the top of the mountain.”

Kory has always dreamed big. His professional goal is to achieve a high-level position of responsibility and have the opportunity to change peoples’ lives for the better. His personal goal is to own a ranch and raise his own cattle. We’re sure the beef will be prime.