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MeMe Hoaglund

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How would you describe a person who is highly creative, a natural problem-solver, a genuine math whiz, hyper competitive sports lover, and an expert at social media branding? The answer would be MeMe Hoaglund. A former head of the Brunello Cucinelli fashion line at Saks Fifth Avenue, MeMe’s seven-year career highlight was hosting Saks clients at fashion week in Milan, Italy and meeting Mr. Cucinelli in person. Born with a strong work ethic and a desire to serve others, Hoaglund admires people who share her unwavering code of honor as well as her hearty sense of humor. A natural leader who leads by example, MeMe is committed to helping both clients and colleagues achieve their goals. MeMe Hoaglund is married to her “best
career mentor,” her supportive husband (name), and together they have a healthy, toddler son. This loving wife and mother has strived to achieve a near-perfect businesswoman/wife/mother work and life balance. MeMe Hoaglund’s business credo is to always be professional, to work diligently, to get results, to succeed, and to stay humble. It’s no surprise her favorite movie is RUDY, a film about defying the odds, never giving up and believing in oneself.