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Gladys Martinez


Gladys Martinez

Client Relations

Gladys Martinez is skilled planner and people person who most enjoys meeting clients and learning about their personal issues and insurance needs.

Gladys really, truly loves to solve problems.
It’s what makes coming to work a joy for her.

“My job is to protect our clients’ assets properly, with a highly-rated carrier, for the lowest possible premium.”

“And because The Garzella Group is an insurance broker, with dozens of carriers to choose from,
I can provide our clients with a very wide range of excellent choices.”

A master of the sophisticated new software used at The Garzella Group, Gladys exudes other qualities essential in a great insurance professional...integrity, leadership, loyalty, good humor and likeability.

Mom to four beautiful daughters and a five-year old Shih Tzu named Pookah, Ms. Martinez has numerous life codes and ambitious life goals.

Code: To always serve her clients’ best interests faithfully and successfully.
To always tell the truth.

Goals: To write a book. To lead and inspire others. To travel...first to the islands of Unguja, Pemba and Mafia Islands, off the eastern coast of Tanzania.

Gladys Martinez’s perfect Sunday? Eating ice-cream and watching Anime cartoons with her four daughters.