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Alexandria Gonzalez


Alexandria Gonzalez

Client Relations

Blessed with an adventurous spirit, an intrepid nature and an appetite for new experiences, Alexandria Gonzalez has lived and worked on three continents.

She taught English in Chile and Spain. She explored extensively in Europe and South America. And she learned a lot about different people in diverse places with different needs.

Alex has a strong background in languages and is (fluent) (able to converse) in Spanish, French and of course, English.

Ms. Gonzalez earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from The College of New Jersey before traveling abroad to put that degree to use.

An old-fashioned straight-arrow who admires candor, kindness and loyalty among life’s most important values, Alex Gonzalez is an avid learner. She studies history, politics and the stock market while she’s not hiking and exploring in the Valley.

Alexandria’s goals for her career, and her life, are to serve the Garzella Group’s clients in an exemplary fashion, to use insurance creatively as a tool to mitigate risk wisely and cost efficiently, and to lead a deliriously happy life.