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Steven Easley

Director of Personal Insurance

Steve Easley is a lucky man. The reason is simple. In his own words, Easley says he is “finally at a place I love...and I look forward to every single day I spend at the Garzella Group.” Steve knows that if you truly enjoy your job, then you’ll never “work” a day in your life. A student of history and business, Easley is fascinated by how companies are managed and the reasons for their successes and failures. He credits his mother for his singular work ethic. “My mom was the hardest working person I know. Being raised by her motivated me to work very diligently, and to always strive to exceed expectations.” Blessed with this strong work ethic and the proverbial “gift of gab,” Steve is a sensitive, highly likeable man who is able to communicate with virtually anyone. The words
he lives by? Never give up.