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Corbin Wilson

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“Fun is good for you. Enjoy some every day.”
This is Corbin Willson’s motto. And it tells you a lot about his personality, his personal goals and his lifestyle. This (name of college) graduate is a student of the humanities whose love of history, art and music inspires his everyday life. Corbin looks for the “bright side” of everything. He sees humor in the mundane. And he always sees the glass as at least “half full.“ Upbeat, positive, caring and considerate are words that accurately describe this natural “people connector.” Corbin believes it is healthy to laugh at yourself, in order to stay grounded and lead a happy, healthy life.
A surfer and skateboarder with a large, close-knit circle of friends and family, Willson is greatly admired for being open and candid, taking personal responsibility, and being adept at resolving conflicts.