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Chris Stenke


Chris Stenke

Corp Strategy

Chris Stenke is a connector. He connects good people to other good people. He connects clients to the best insurance coverage. He connects difficult questions to the right answers. Chris’ personal style is to be open, transparent, genuine and candid. And these are the qualities he looks for in other people. He has the greatest respect for people who work hard and work smart. People who are motivated by more than mere money. A father to three beautiful daughters, Chris loves nothing more than to spend his spare time with family and close friends, regardless of the activity. But during business hours, Chris Stenke is constantly striving to better understand the businesses he serves...analyzing why they are successful and how he can add to that success. A veteran of the Air Force) whose postings took him all around the world, Chris is extremely competent, totally committed, and a tremendous asset to the Garzella Group.