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Myles Johnson


A founding member and partner of The Garzella Group, Myles Johnson has always believed he was in the business of creating legacies...both for his insurance clients, as well as for his family.
A superb communicator and creative problem solver whose fascination with science and history taught him about managing information and methodologies, Myles puts a high value on three key qualities: dependability, reliability and consistency. “Being there at all times” for his clients, his staff and his family are what sets Myles apart from other independent insurance executives. Honest, loyal and surprisingly modest, Johnson is a charismatic mentor to all the people around him. He is happily married to his lovely Kea and is a new father to his beloved son Cohen and daughter Ellie. Determined to live an “inspired life,” this former Sun Devil is particularly proud to have been able to support both his mother and his aunt in their final years which has given him a unique perspective on managing risk and maintaining wealth. “Be hungry at the bottom and humble at the top, because nothing lasts forever, and life will change in an instant” is Myles Johnson’s motto.