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Dan Garzella


Dan Garzella

Founder & President

Dan founded his independent insurance brokerage company, The Garzella Group, in 2014. Prior to starting his own firm, Dan was selected as one of the America’s top commercial insurance agents of the year for 5 consecutive years. Garzella built his business on three key principles...”Faith and patience”... “Never give up” ... and “Believe in others.” His original inspiration was a book given to him by his father when he started his insurance company...“How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins. From this foundation of information, Dan built his company exponentially. He was able to attract top talent to the firm by promising, and delivering, on qualities he shared with his growing corporate family...perseverance, authenticity, transparency, accountability and loyalty. Garzella’s two great joys in life are mentoring his staff and watching them develop professionally...and teaching his young son, Rocco, how to grow up straight and strong and happy.